Challenge Accepted!

Matthew 4:4
Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

You will face challenges in life. You will face temptation. There will be times when you feel like these issues are no big deal, and barrel right through them like a wrecking ball. However, there will be times that you feel like you are sinking in quicksand, and the harder you try to wiggle out the deeper you get.

The devil tried to tempt Jesus multiple times. The devil wanted Jesus to take matters into His own hands and make things happen outside of God’s timing. In Matthew 4, Satan tried to get Jesus to give into his tricks and challenges, and every time Jesus responded with scripture. Jesus was not going to give into any weakness the devil was trying to exploit. Jesus was tired. He was hungry. He was thirsty. He did have the power to get out of each situation with a snap of a finger. Instead, Jesus relied on God’s Word, that was close to His heart, and waited on God’s timing to pull Him out.

If Jesus was challenged, what makes us think that we won’t be? He set the example for us to follow, but it starts with reading, meditating, and keeping God’s Word close. His Word can feed us when we are hungry, quench our thirst when we are thirsty, and give us hope when it seems almost hopeless.

Live it out
  • What does the Holy Spirit tell you about this verse?
  • How do you live it out?

Pray about it
  • God, give me strength to overcome…
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Ken Day - February 1st, 2021 at 7:48am

Challenges are opportunities for great opportunities