Don't See People as Potato Heads

Matthew 9:37
The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

The following statement might not come across very loving, but people can be so frustrating at times. People seem to focus on the weirdest things in life, that really amount to nothing. You say to yourself, what is wrong with people? A small example of that is a group of people changing Mr. Potato Head to Potato Head. Ugh! What a bunch of potato heads! Forget them. Forget people. Forget it all. Move up further into the mountains and be a hermit!

But that’s not what God wants for us, or from us. No matter how different people may live or think or talk, we can’t give up on them. There are people in our lives that are looking for something to believe in. Something that will make a difference. A real difference in their lives. The difference the world has to offer, like changing the name of a toy, will turn up empty. Instead of giving up on people, or just making broad strokes and labeling everyone foolish or silly, we should see them as Jesus did. He saw a crowd of people wanting and needing, and He had compassion on them, in Matthew 9:36. Jesus pointed out to His disciples that they needed to serve and share the truth of God’s love.

Jesus gives us the same command today. To share the love of God with those that need it. Those looking for something to believe in. Those needing something different. Be that difference. Be a laborer for the gospel. Our world, our community, really needs those who are willing to work hard in sharing what really matters, God’s love!

Live it out
•What does the Holy Spirit tell you about this verse?
•How do you live it out?

Pray about it
•Ask God to help you see others with compassion and find ways to minister to them.
•Ask God for courage to do the work of sharing your love for Jesus with others.

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