Getting Ready for Church

Luke 19:46
My house is a house of prayer.

Jesus showed up at temple for worship but the temple wasn’t much of a place for worship. People and merchants had turned it into a place of making a quick buck. People were ripping each other off. Sickly and puny animals were being sold for religious sacrifice. Religious leaders would partake in some of the cut from the merchants. The temple didn’t look or sound much like a place of worship.

When Jesus walked into this courtyard and saw all the chaos, He got got angry and started to clean house. Knocking over tables and kicking out the merchants. He made it clear that this was unacceptable behavior. Jesus reminded them what the temple was about, “My house will be a house of prayer...”

Today’s church is still a place of prayer and worship. The church is not a business, but is more than a building. God’s presence dwells in us through the Holy Spirit. The church building is not a place to spread rumors or gossip. It’s not a place to tear people down or take advantage of another. It’s where the body of Christ gathers, and it is alive. A place to come and worship our Father. So remember to honor God’s house as a place of worship when you enter it. Don’t forget that it’s a place to praise Him and proclaim your love for Him.

Live it out
•What does the Holy Spirit tell you about this verse?
•How do you live it out?

Pray about it
•Jesus, thank you for my church and giving me a place to serve others and love you.

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