Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

At Victory Church we value movement and progression as Christ followers and as a local church body! Our goal is to help each other move through four building blocks that together help us accomplish the vision at Victory!

The Vision

A community of Authentic, Spirit led, Christ followers transformed to walk in Victory!


First, we encouraging you to join us for Five of our Sunday worship gatherings. If you’re interested in Victory, this will provide you with ample time to experience Victory and get to know us! At Victory we aim to worship as a lifestyle rather than simply on Sunday mornings and taking the next move helps
us to accomplish that goal.


Discipleship is where people engage in deep discipleship by diving into the word individually, developing a deep prayer life, and  working on areas in their life (struggles, habits, etc.) that will allow them to go deeper in their spiritual maturity on a consistent basis. People are encouraged to start discipling others by leading or hosting a life group or by other means during this move as well as becoming active volunteers
within the church body.


Community happens when we start engaging within the body of Christ, His church, in a more intimate way by plugging into a life group and "doing life together" with other Christ followers. We aim to be a church of Community Groups not a church
with Community Groups.


Missions is when we become mission minded and participate in evangelism and/or revival based mission. This includes locally based or globally based mission. Once people have reached this building block that does not mean that they stop, movement and progression is meant to be consistent in this life so the journey continues. At this point people are continuing in all four stages for further spiritual growth on a consistent basis while also being active contributors
within our church body.

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